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Tasting Getaway "Asian Cafe"
Hotel Manolo

Tasting Getaway "Asian Cafe"
Visit the ancient city of Cartagena which is full of remains, such as the Punic Wall, the Roman Theater, the Agusteum or the Concepción Castle.

Do not leave without tasting our gastronomy, especially the traditional Asian cafe, made with typical ingredients like Licor 43 and lemon peel.

The Asian cafe is a delicious recipe made in a crystal goblet, which has been designed and manufactured, until recently, at the Glass Factory in Santa Lucía, a neighborhood of Cartagena.

Therefore, at our hotel we give you the chance to taste this recipe.
Our offer includes: 1 night in a Premium double room, continental breakfast and tasting for two people.


- Available for reservations (minimum stay 2 nights) every day of the week.
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