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Cartagena treasures
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With more than 3,000 years of history, Cartagena has been the scene of some of the most incredible passages in history. Today, this Punic, Roman, military and modernist city offers so many things to see and do that it is not surprising that it is one of the most seductive destinations in the Mediterranean. The Manolo Hotel presents the essentials for when you want to discover our city.


The natural port has been the gateway to many of the civilizations that have forged our history , that’s why you can visit the ARQUA National Museum of Underwater ArchaeologyLoaded with treasures rescued from the bottom of the sea, amphoras, cannons, gold and silver coins etc., the Naval Museum with another important treasure the submarine of Isaac Peral , first military submarine in history .

Also by the sea in one of the five hills of the city is our greatest treasure the Roman Theatre that next to the Agusteum ,the Decumano, the house of the Fortune and the Quarter of the Roman Forum with its Baths form some of the most important Roman remains of the city. As a curiosity to tell you that the Municipal Archaeological Museum is located on a Roman necropolis.

For fans of the military history of the city the Military Historical Museum and Museum of the Refuge of the Civil War.


Cartagena is dotted with important baroque, neoclassical monuments such as the Consistorial Palace , the Roman Theatre ,the wall and staircase of Charles III , the Regional Assembly The Royal Basilica of Our Lady of Charity , but we especially and essential to make a route through the beautiful modernist buildings that beautify our streets, many we owe to the great architect Victor Beltrí should highlight: the Pedreño Palace ,the palace of Aguirre , the Casino, the Grand Hotel and the houses Maestre, Dorda, Clares, LLagostera among others.

Beaches, parties and festivals

Cartagena has a great Mediterranean climate so we can enjoy its beaches all year round, there are for all tastes, in the Mar Menor such as Playa Honda , Mar de Cristal... and in the Mediterranean Sea as Cala Cortina (very close to the hotel), cala Reona, la Azohia, el Portús and special as the beaches of the Natural Park of Calblanque or those of La Manga del Mar Menor with beaches to both seas just crossing a street.

Discover our landscape, through the many hiking trails marked with spectacular cliffs over the sea, beautiful coves, the striking mining landscape, the old military coastal batteries, the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos, prehistoric remains in the Sima.

To have fun we encourage you to celebrate with us the second half of September the Historical Festivals of Carthaginians and Romans declared of International Tourist Interest , where we recreate the historical events that took place in the city during the Second Punic War and the foundation of the city , is also declared of International Tourist Interest our Holy Week for the quality of its passionate parades, the beauty and uniqueness of the carvings and floral decoration of their thrones, the order of their thirds, shrouds, axes etc.

We also celebrate in style the Carnival , with an impressive parade and various competitions such as the national Drag Queen, Chirigotas and choreographies. Other events of interest are the Sea of Music festival, the continuous exhibitions and gastronomy events such as La ruta de la tapa and all kinds of performances in the Auditorium and Congress Centre El Batelque are held throughout the year.